Disney/Universal Trip Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where are the students staying while in Orlando?

Buena Vista Suites - Lake Buena Vista

8203 World Center Drive

Orlando, FL

  • Suite format - 2 Double Beds, 1 fold out couch
  • Full Buffet Breakfast Daily
  • On-site Security 10:30pm-5:30 am daily
  • Transportation to and from the parks provided by BRT motorcoach.


All students will stay in 4-person rooms (2 double beds and 1 fold-out couch) and will have assigned chaperones for the duration of the trip.  Roommate selection is available in Band Room and must be confirmed by December 21.


  1. Can parents and/or siblings attend?

Yes, Participant rates included in the BRT package include room, transportation on deluxe motorcoach and park admission tickets.


There are special rate ticket packages available from Bob Rogers Travel:

Disney Performing Arts OnStage

3-Day NON PARK-HOPPER Admission - $275 /Person


One Day Park To Park Admissions To Universal Studios And Islands Of Adventure - $150 /Person


If you already have an account set up online, go into your account, click on the Add Friends or Family button, add participant name and details (dietary restrictions, gender, date of birth) and choose the tickets that you want.  Please add EACH participant name that you are adding tickets for.  Payment can be made with either your current credit card on file or by entering new payment information. 


Registration for this package is currently open and will remain open until NOON on Wednesday, January 3rd.  


Non-performing students and adults are not permitted into the “You’re Instrumentall” workshop during the EPCOT day, but may join the group after the workshop.  Non-performing students and adults are also not permitted “backstage” with the performers prior to, during or following the parade performance.  They may meet the group after they re-enter the park following uniform exchange.


  1. What if we are traveling longer, can my student meet up with the Band in Florida?

Arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis for students who may be traveling with family either prior to or following the designated trip, however, still responsible for the entire trip package rate even if only traveling one-way.Please arrange directly with the Band Directors and permission will have to be requested and approved by the School District also.


  1. What is included in the trip package?

The BRT trip package includes round trip deluxe motorcoach transportation between Swartz Creek, MI and Orlando, FL.  Also included are hotel accommodations for 3 nights (Tues-Thurs); hotel provided breakfast daily Tues – Fri; 1day park admission tickets to Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and dual park admission to Universal Studios; Fast Pass eligibility for each park day 30 days prior to arrival; transportation to and from hotel and parks; 1 Tshirt for Disney; 1 Tshirt for Universal; 1 daily meal pass good for up to $15.


  1. What is NOT included in the trip package?

Participants will be responsible for meals while en route to and from Orlando )3-4 stops each way provided) as well as any meal or additional snacks daily while at the designated parks.


Estimated additional expenses:  

$10 for each meal in transit (3 meals down, 2 meals back)

$15-20 for each counter service meal within the parks

Any additional personal spending money


  1. What if I decide later that my child will attend and I missed original registration?

Late registrations will be accepted only in the event that additional seats are available on the reserved motorcoaches.All previously required deposits and payments must be paid in full on date of registration and future payment will continue thereafter based on provided payment plan.


  1. What is the chaperone protocol while in the parks?

Students will be free to navigate the park facilities in small groups (approx. minimum size of 4/group) with required chaperone check-points throughout the day.Attendance will be taken to and from all park facilities.Students will not be able to leave the designated park daily as tickets do not permit re-entry.


  1. What if I want to change my payment information?

You will receive an email from BRT several days prior to the schedule payment due date with your amount due and option to change payment option.You may enter an alternative payment at that time.


  1. Are the tickets eligible for Fast Pass Reservations?

Yes.  We will be given a copy of the ticket with the ticket numbers approx. 30 days prior to the trip to be able to pre-arrange Fast Past tickets.

  1. Will the students have a specific wardrobe to have to wear for the trip?

Yes. For ease in locating/identifying our student group while at the parks, they will all be asked to wear the same Tshirts daily.  We will rotate the red parade shirt, 2018 Show shirt (Jesus Christ Super Star), and two included group shirts that will be distributed prior to the trip.  They may wear what they choose for the trip down and the trip back. 


Keep in mind – the trip down is a 24 hour bus trip, stopping just outside the parks on arrival to have breakfast and change.  They will NOT be going to the hotel until the evening on the day of arrival.  So, recommend packing a change of clothes (or at least the Tshirt to change), small toiletries and an over-jacket/sweatshirt for the bus trip. 


Marching bibs, jackets, shoes, white socks, and Mickey Mouse Ears (provided) will be the uniform for their marching perfomance for ALL attendees.

  1. Is there wi-fi on the bus?

There is wi-fi, but may be very slow or limited to a total usage for the trip.To prepare, your cellular carrier may offer a temporary upgrade to unlimited data that can be cancelled after the trip (prior experience has been shared that Verizon offers $10 for a week of unlimited data)


  1. Will debit cards or gift cards work anywhere in the parks?

Yes, most should. However, suggest you correspond with your bank so they are aware that purchases may transpire out of state so that the charges do not seem fraudulent and they cut-off card use.


Visa gift cards can typically be used, however, some do not work in areas (like restaurants) where tip may be added or when the purchase does not equal the amount on the card, etc.Suggestion:Kroger has Disney Gift cards available in $15 increments (perfect for individual meals) and offer additional fuel points with purchase also.


  1. Should students pack bathing suits? Will they be able to swim at the hotel?

No, bathing suits are not necessary, they will not have time (nor be allowed) to be swimming at the hotel.Each day, they will return to the hotel between 10:30 and 11:00 pm and no parks we are visiting include water park admission.


Points of Interest


  • This is a school sponsored event and all conduct and disciplinary rules apply.  Any student disobeying a school rule or policy may be subject to dismissal from the trip.  School dress code also applies while on a school sponsored trip. Expenses for return flight would be the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian.


  • We will have a volunteer RN/EMT chaperone for our group.  Each participant will be required to provide a health form and emergency contact information.  Students requiring medications will need to provide original labeled prescriptions to medical staff for the trip.  All forms due by March 1st and available on Boosters Website www.scbandboosters.com


  • Chaperones will be required to complete a volunteer application through SCCS including a background check.  Form available on District website www.swartzcreek.org and due to the High School or Band Room by December 21.


  • This trip is scheduled during the 2018-2019 School year spring break, therefore students will not miss any SCHS school days for participating.


  • Bob Rogers Travel offers a trip app (more specific information will be provided near the trip departure) that will allow upload of trip photos.  Each student will receive a complimentary CD of the trip photos after we return.  This app will also message each participant about meet times, departures or any trip changes.  We encourage ALL students to upload this app.


  • “My Disney Experience” app is a great feature that provides maps of the parks, wait times for attractions, fast pass reservations/changes, dinner reservation options, attraction updates/info and much more.  Highly suggest utilizing this app for navigating the various parks during the trip.  This can be downloaded at any time. **NECESSARY TO PRE SCHEDULE FAST PASSES**


Packing List Ideas



Matching Shirts

Travel Pillow/Blanket

Tennis Shoes Motion Sickness Meds (Bonine)
Weather and School appropriate Clothes Rain Gear -- It's Florida
Sunscreen POOP!!!
Sunglasses Ear Plugs/Earbuds
Water Bottle Sleep the day prior


Good food choices during bus trip
Daypack Pack small disposable toiletries for the trip down
Phone/Charger Budget/plan for daily expenses especially for students without parents accompanying


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Email: Swartzcreekbandboosters@gmail.com


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